Alan Caine - Lucas Drake

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Description: I would be fired quite quickly if I was Lucas Drake's lover, can you imagine leaving that handsome and fit young man in the bath tub all alone while going off to work? Alan Caine has the best of intentions while he's searching for his jeans, but the big bulging cock in his underwear has quickly grabbed the attention of his friend Lucas and with a tempting offer of a little kiss he lures him in. With a swift move he has Alan in the tub with him, and an inevitable session of morning BoyFun begins. Alan's throbbing morning wood is soon released and slipping into Lucas' mouth, his incredible length of rigid boner being masterfully sucked. Although it wasn't planned he can't possibly leave now, not when he's got his lover's delicious erection requiring the same tongue-teasing treatment. With both dicks twitching and damp with spit and precum the boys head to the more comfortable surroundings of the bedroom where the oral fixation continues until Lucas is demanding a proper seeing-to. On his knees at the foot of the bed his perfectly smooth and round rump is parted, his friend's long and luscious dick easing inside, raw of course. Stealing control to take it for a ride he gets Alan on his back, aiming his inches into his hole and sliding down. His experienced butt is remarkable to watch as the steel-like length disappears inside him, revealed once again in and swift motion before vanishing right back up it. Lucas is in heaven, a true versatile bottom getting what he craves, his sporty body a perfect contrast to his slim and toned pal. Spooned and fucked deep on his back Lucas is clearly waiting for his rich reward before allowing his own cock to spew seed, and boy does he get it! With a big splashing cum load ready to go Alan slides his raw cock out and heads to his friend's handsome face, erupting a mess of goo all over Lucas. It's the final straw for the gorgeous jock bottom, the taste of semen on his lips, the mess of cream over his face, it soon has him erupting his own copious cum wad all over himself.
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