Antony Carter - Alan Caine

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Description: Straight boy Alan Caine might prefer the ladies but he's not the type to turn down any opportunity for some sexual pleasure. Perhaps it's because boys can handle his massive cock in a way a lot of girls can't? When he bumps into cute friend Antony Carter and invites him up to his apartment for coffee he seems a little surprised when the fit young twink offers him his bulging crotch instead. Could it be that Alan really was just offering his friend coffee and it wasn't intended as code for some BoyFun? Either way, the curly-haired young man won't say no, he's soon making out with his cute pal, then slurping on that rather impressive cock! For such a lean teen Antony has an incredible body and a really amazing cock, Alan can't seem to get enough as he slurps his buddy's pink length and reveals his own monster dick for Antony to taste. It seems these two have a lot in common; they're both gorgeous, both slim and toned, and they both have awesome cocks! The two slim boys swap their big dicks in a delicious feast of oral excitement, but when Alan turns his attention to his friend's pale and smooth ass and uses his tongue to taste his boy hole it's a sure sign that things are going to get hotter still. Being the instigator of this mid-afternoon cock session Antony isn't restrained when it comes to offering his hole. On his back and with a leg up he welcomes Alan's tanned bareback cock into his slick hole, spooned and fucked from the side, his own heavy dong swaying and his smooth balls bounding with every slow and easy thrust. Getting that log cock from behind is even more intense for the pale lad, his moans of bliss are proof of his enjoyment, and his ass-to-mouth sucking while he takes a break to get into position for the final assault is a treat to see. Finally on his back with his ass jutting out Antony welcomes his friend once more, the big length sliding in deep and hitting that sweet spot, taking him to a jerked out cum splashing right before Alan empties his massive dong right over his cite face! It seems Antony takes cream with his coffee.
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