Casper Ivarsson - Sammy Trakuza

Duration: 4min 12sec Views: 174 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Young and twinky Sammy Trakuza seems a little surprised when he comes looking to borrow a phone charger from Casper Ivarsson and opens the drawer to find some secret sexy products. Any young man who enjoys some hot BoyFun has things in his special drawer, so perhaps it's not shocking to see their initial awkward discovery quickly becoming an invitation to share cocks and have some fun. Sammy makes the suggestion and sexy Casper isn't going to say no, quickly joined on the bed by the boy, groping and kissing, their hard cocks soon revealed for mutual play. We have to wonder why these friends haven't enjoyed each other before, they're both so sexy, and perfectly matched for each other, with equal fitness and similar cocks that they clearly both know how to worship. With the taste of fresh precum on their tongues the two are soon ready to take things to the next level. Sammy kneels on the bed, his slightly hairy hole up for his buddy to slide into, raw of course. It's clear this handsome young twink knows a thing or two about riding cock, when he's sliding his ass up and down on that dong and riding his buddy his own pink length is throbbing and swinging with delight! As their moans of bliss increase and their balls become tight the two take each other closer and closer to climax, sharing a spooning fuck which does the trick for our eager bottom. Sammy cries out as semen erupts from his raging tool, his cum splashing over his tight body while Casper watches and pumps in and out of his pulsating hole. Our top boy isn't far behind, pulling out and wanking his length, firing off a thick and messy wad all over his pal and bringing their unexpected encounter to an end with an appreciative kiss. Perhaps next time Casper should take a peek in Sammy's bedside drawer and see what sexy secrets he has stashed away?
Channel: Boy Fun