Untraditional interview - Johny Cruz and Tom Crua

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Description: He'd probably deny it, of course, but young Johny Cruz is clearly in awe of his would-be courier from the moment that hunky Tom Crua walks into the office for interview – and who the fuck can blame him? The tattooed stud is a natural work of art in every single sense; and having taken the time to find the muscled beauty new work clothes, Cruz is then (understandably) hell-bent on getting Crua back out of them! An ambition which he achieves with incredible speed, it has to be said. As a result, the horny German twink is very soon slurping up and down the length of Crua's swelling shaft; before our Czech hunk gives Cruz's dick an equally enthusiastic oral examination. It's at this point, of course, that you'd be forgiven for assuming that Crua – as the physically dominant of the two lads – will be promptly ploughing into Cruz's ass-hole for a highly energetic fuck! Such an assumption, however, is soon dispelled when exactly the opposite takes place – Cruz rimming his courier's ass-hole, then (in effect) making the fellow his bitch by thrusting every inch of his fabulous knob deep inside Crua's ass-hole! It's a somewhat surprising turn of events considering the physiques of the guys involved, but the normal rules of nature are soon restored when the lads flip-flop positions and Crua energetically reams Cruz's hole in return. What ensues is a no-nonsense session of full-on, animalistic fornication that sees Cruz's ass-hole pounded like there's no tomorrow – ultimately resulting in copious quantities of pent-up jizz. In short, a scene that delivers in every sense!
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