Vegas Lights

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Description: After a romantic day exploring the Vegas strip, Alex Riley and Aiden Garcia head back to their room for some raunchy good fun. It’s a pretty boy-power struggle as the boys throw one another around, pinning each other down for a deep kissing-strip down. Aiden’s thirst for cock wins as he flips Riley over for a taste of that big rig. He swallows that schlong deep while Alex thrusts his hips up hard. Hungry himself, he springs up and unzips Aiden’s straining shorts. He shoves the dude’s drawers down and hops on the hog in one swift motion, filling his mouth with Garcia’s girthy long, legendary dong. Alex works the boy’s bone over good, getting it nice and sloppy, on his stomach with that ass in the air. The pair continue their meaty meal in a slurpy 69 session before Riley tosses his boy’s legs in the air for an epic rimming. He spreads his sexy, smooth seat, then settles in, giving the guy a nice long tongue lashing as Garcia plays with his uncut cock. With his ass wet and horny, Aiden jumps on Riley’s juicy jock, taking a raw ride spread eagle towards the camera with that extra long dong pointing naughty boy north. Keeping in control, Alex shifts the ferocious fuck to the side, and Aiden shoves his coveted cock back where it belongs. Riley takes the big dicked bottom to pound town, punishing the pretty boy with a powerhouse hammering. Then, Alex orders the beautiful bronze boy onto his back and really puts a beating down. Garcia’s golden rod rages. He explodes in pure, white hot ecstasy nearly to his neck. Riley hits hard, busting ass till his cock creams all over Aiden’s ass, balls and spent super sizer. The pair kiss, ending this Vegas night with steamy passion.
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