Hotel Helix: Just For Tonight

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Description: Young twink, Blake Dyson just met more erotically experienced, hot jock, Travis Stevens at work and their mutual attraction led them directly to “Hotel Helix,” which is busier than ever, bustling with dirty boy business. It’s Blake’s first time having a one night stand, and he nervously, but adorbbly expresses this to the beautiful boy in his bed, who he hasn’t even gotten a name from. Stevens assures the tight bodied twink all is well by saying, “we don’t have to worry about the past, the future, just now.” This sinks into the sexy blond boy, and he really lets go in a steamy shower session, sucking down Stevens’ sizable schlong with hot, young enthusiasm. Even after the hot shower sesh, dirty boy Dyson can’t control his hunger for dick; and, he delivers more of that talented tongue to Travis’ throbbing totem pole. Shockingly, this one night stand turns into a sultry, spooning sleepover. But, the boys still have a bit of time before check out, and Travis intends to make the most of it. After a morning make out moment, Stevens decides to show the younger twink the ropes with a raunchy good, rear-end eating. He gets Blake’s beautifully smooth backside basted, and slick with jock spit, sucking the boys cock along the way. Then, he slips that epic dipstick of his inside, and pummels the jockstrap clad lad with a luscious lay, doggy style. Not as innocent as he once appeared, the tasty twink tosses ass right back at the beefed up beauty, before Travis tears off the young dude’s jock, and jams his hot hammer back inside for a slippery good side fuck. Next, our top dawg grabs his porny plaything by the ankles, and whips him to the edge of the bed. Top jock Travis stands, and delivers hard dick like nobody’s business! His strong stroking schlong brings Blake to the breaking point, and he busts a large load that coats his big, fat cock, and smooth stomach. In sync with his sex twink toy, Stevens splatters his spicy spunk all over Blake’s beautiful body. The pretty pair end in a lusty lip lock; and, we think this MAY not be the last time these two coworkers get their cock on with one another!
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