Ride: Red Light

Duration: 0min 50sec Views: 376 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Silas Brooks gets a new muscle car, and all the big dick energy that comes with it. He spots super cutie, Eli Bennet and, after hitting every stop light with the lad, decides to make a bold move. When Eli gets to his place Brooks parks his new dick magnet of a ride right outside the boys house. The tight bodied twink gives him "the look" and the pretty pair are inside getting busy in no time! After a hot teen make out session, Bennet gets bold and unbuckles Brooks belt. Out flops a nice fat hog, which Eli eats up in a second. Silas Sams his hips into the fine fuckers face, and pushes him down deep on that dick deep. Then, the cute cock sucker stands up, pulls his jeans, and jock down so Silas can get to work. Then, Brooks sits back on the couch like a boss, and orders the dude to, "sit on my dick." The boy does as he's told and receives a hot handy from his top as he rides the big rig. Next, the top dick driver tells the twink to bend over the couch. Brooks gives the boy a beating while grabbing his neck to hit hard. Still feeling dominant, our muscle car-cock slinger is slamming Eli on his side in the next sexy second. He smacks that sweet ass with a spank for good measure, between manly, meaty thrusts. After all that delicious debauchery, Silas says he's getting close. The too cute Twink gets bossy and tells the titanium top to cum on his face. Eli gets unloaded on like a mother fucker, with one of the biggest, thickest loads we've seen in a while! The warm nut oozing all over that faceable face causes the cutie to shoot, and he smoothers his svelt stomach with sweet spooge.
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