Sports: Our Own Thing

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Description: Sexy Seth Peterson is out for a jog in the park, when he spies beautiful Brett Daniels. He saunters up to the delicious dirty blond and gets his flirt on. Daniels is down, and suggests they go for a run together; and, that little jaunt leads them right to the house where things get hot and heavy! After a sweaty make out sesh, pretty boy Peterson gets down on his knees, and pounds Penis down his throat. Daniels gives him a helping hand to the back of the head, before making a meal out of Peterson’s piece. Then, thirsty boy Seth spins him around and eats that ass. After he’s had his fill, Peterson plunges his cock deep in Daniels’ derrière and delivers a devastatingly delicious dicking in doggy. Always a team player, Seth asks the boy if he can take a ride himself. Naturall, Brett has no objections, and our boy puts a hot hurtin’ on him while bouncing that beautiful bubble butt. The juicy joggers switch it up once again, and Brett gets banged out on his back, as he strokes that supersized schlong of his. Seth smashes the sexpot till he spills succulent seed all over his smooth, shredded torso. Our boy brings it home by hosing Daniels' freshly dicked hole with hot seed, then crams that cock right back in, adding a few more strokes for good measure.
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